• Berry Baked Oatmeal

    Looking for the most perfect winter breakfast or after school snack? This is the recipe for you! Filled with nutritious oats, frozen berries, warm milk, its cozy, delicious, and SO comforting to eat.
  • Janice's Berry Baked French Toast

    The very (or should I say BERRY) best recipe for brunch, this is a "make the night before" dish, which in my opinion makes it worthy of Christmas morning, or any other brunch you want to roll out of bed and eat 45 minutes later with nearly zero effort the morning of. Dollop with whipped cream and warm fresh syrup, or eat bare, it's a winner. Have I sold it yet? Trust me you'll want to make it and pass it along to your friends.
  • How to Choose Fabric for Embroidery

    Choosing the right fabric to embroider on makes all the difference for the final outcome of how your project will look. Some things you will want t...
  • Growing up creative

    When I turned 21 my mom gave me a journal she’d been writing in since she knew she was pregnant with me. In it she describes all of the little thin...